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OCR – Optical Character Recognition

Did you know that it takes the average person about 150 minutes to retype a normal 20 page, 6000 word document? Wouldn’t it be great to save yourself that time? Today’s OCR technologies and software, such as world-leading OmniPage by Nuance, can help you. It will recreate that same document in less than two minutes, giving you maximum productivity and an accuracy that is greater than 99%!

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition, and can be explained as the mechanical or electronic translation of images of text (handwritten, typewritten or printed) into machine-editable text. These handwritten, typewritten or printed texts are in most cases turned into digital images by the use of a scanner. Here is where your OCR software takes over, turning your digital image into an editable text file.

Who can benefit from OCR?

OCR as a field of research has come very far, and is a huge time saver for millions of people every day. OCR software helps business professionals reach new levels of productivity by taking away the manual reproduction of documents. These days, intelligent OCR systems, such as OmniPage, have a high degree of recognition accuracy for most fonts, and create perfectly formatted digital files that look just like the original – including columns, tables, bullets and graphics. OmniPage even lets you capture text with a digital camera and turn it into editable text files!

OCR software is one type of software that very few companies these days can be without. Even if you can scan in text that was handwritten, printed, or perhaps faxed to you, what good would it do if you could not edit it, make it searchable, or even copy parts that you were interested in to use in other documents? Imagine, for example, where the legal system or the birth records would be without OCR. All that paperwork – easy to lose and yet completely impossible to find. The same is the case for most businesses today, and, as the world’s leading OCR software, OmniPage helps increase productivity levels for companies of all sizes and from all over the world. Every day.

What OCR brand/version should I get?

Thanks to its accuracy, flexibility and ease-of-use, OmniPage is considered the world’s number one OCR software. Of course, this is one great reason to choose OmniPage for all of your document conversion needs. Compared to many competitor products, OmniPage is also a very affordable solution, starting at only £79.99. It is available in two different versions, OmniPage Standard (£79.99) and OmniPage Ultimate (£299.99). Unfortunately, Nuance recently discontinued its Mac version, OmniPage Pro X for Macintosh.

OmniPage Standard is described as the starter version of OmniPage and a perfect solution for home office and smaller company use. OmniPage Ultimate is recommended for larger companies, and also comes with free copies of Nuance’s popular document management software PaperPort and its PDF creation software PDF Create. Both versions let you capture text images with your digital camera, and support over 120 languages.

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