Award-Winning Software to Increase Your Productivity

Did you know that most people type around 40 words per minute but speak around 120 words in the same time? Just imagine how much time could be cut out of all the time you spend typing if you could simply use your voice. With software like Dragon NaturallySpeaking you can, making you more productive both in your professional life and in your life at home.

In every day terms, Speech Recognition is the technology used to turn spoken words into writing or into some other type of machine-readable input. Sometimes people tend to use the term “voice recognition” to describe the same thing; however, voice recognition is more about identifying the person speaking than it is about what is actually being said.

Speech recognition in a more basic form, which most people may use without even thinking about it, is voice dialing (for example when you tell your phone to call home). It can also be the automated phone voices requesting information when you call a large company. Then there are software applications like Dragon NaturallySpeaking, meant to make your life a whole lot faster and easier by turning your spoken words into text.

Who can use speech recognition software?

Speech recognition is very common in the health care industry, and makes the work of medical transcriptionists and physicians a lot more convenient. With speech recognition software only getting smarter, the areas of use are growing every day. Previously, these types of software required a lot of training of the software itself for a person to be able to use it in an effective way. Basically, it had to learn to recognise your particular voice, accent, etc.

With Dragon NaturallySpeaking you can get started right away, making speech recognition available to anyone. Families, small offices, larger businesses… Speech recognition software is a great solution for anyone who wants to be faster and more productive. Speech recognition software has also helped many, many users that have medical problems preventing them from typing. Even if you simply consider yourself a bit lazy or if you don’t like typing, here is your perfect solution.

What brand/version should I get?

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is the world’s number one speech recognition software. Additionally, it is available in a number of different versions so you are sure to find a solution that suits your needs. Nuance also gives you a noise-cancelling microphone for free with your purchase to make sure you have everything you need to get started right away.

If you are just getting started with speech recognition, or even only want to find out if it will work well for your business or home, you may want to take a look at Dragon NaturallySpeaking Standard (£79.99) and Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium (£149.99). The main difference between these is that Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred can be used with more programs, such as Microsoft Excel, and also that it supports use with mobile devices and Bluetooth connections. If you are a Mac user, make sure to check out Dragon Dictate for Mac (£129.99). Nuance also offers specific versions of Dragon NaturallySpeaking for advanced medical and legal use.

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